Voice Republic

Voice Republic was a platform for high-quality spoken content, with headquarters in Zürich and Berlin. It offered conferences, lecture series, book fairs and individual podcasters an easy way to live-stream their content. Notable appearances included Edward Snowden, Slawoj Zizek and Angela Merkel. As Head of Product Design on a small team, I redesigned the product and implemented much of the front-end code myself.

Client:Voice Republic Media  


Landing Page
Organization Page
Talk Page
Internal Stage Tool
Talk Controller


  • Strategy: Consulted the key stakeholders on design and UX enhancements. I worked closely with the developers to ensure that design suggestions were realistic to build within the given resources.
  • Workshops: Led design workshops to gather requirements and brainstorm solutions.
  • UX: Created wireframes and mockups for new features and apps (Sketch, Illustrator).
  • Design & Prototyping: Delivered browser-based prototypes of each new feature for validation, testing and documentation.
  • Front-End Development: Implemented designs using HAML, JQuery, Rails, SCSS and React with Clojurescript.

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